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360 Impact Consulting Services

Services: Services

Sample Assignments

- Redesigning, rolling out and managing the technology for the leading business information provider for distressed and bankrupt companies.

- Leading the design, development and rollout of leading database for solar systems throughout the US.

- Providing strategic advice for product and technology roadmap to the CEO of a rapidly growing FinTech SaaS company.

-  Product review, leading the RFP process and strategic leadership of development for an online gold trading  platform based in the Middle East.

- Business strategy, product expansion, and market implementation for FinTech, RegTech and EdTech  solutions providers

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) services

Senior Management - extensive experience dealing with C-suite executives, board of directors and investors, understanding the business and presenting IT solutions with a strong focus on improving efficiency and profitability.

M&A and Carve-outs  - global experience providing due diligence of technology and operations as part of  buying and selling companies, divisions and products.  

ERP - implementation of MS Dynamics accounting package across 19 international offices. Cloud based CRM and marketing tools such Salesforce, HubSpot and Infusionsoft.     

Budgeting and Planning - provide budget and planning for technology and development projects. 

AWS - expertise in ramping up products and businesses.

Product and Project Management - detailed knowledge taking business and product priorities and aligning them to technology projects. 

Technology Team Building - on and off shore development resources that cover development, DevOps and architecture. This provides our clients with an "on demand" technology team.

Integrations - expert with integration of data sets into products using commercial and/or proprietary API’s as well as advanced web scraping techniques. 

Business Strategy

Investing in strategic planning and being comfortable with how to expand your presence is critical to the success of any business. 360 Impact can provide commercial and technological strategies supported by practical go to market plans to grow your business locally and globally.


It’s not simple to have a product and sell it to the market. A business strategy needs to encompass not only the vision for your product or service but what will influence whether that product or service will succeed. Your business strategy needs to survive beyond v 1.0. So, whether just starting out or trying to find your groove, 360 Impact can work with you to develop a business strategy that lasts longer than your vision.


Not all markets are created equal and being successful in one doesn’t mean success in another. Markets, like people need to be understood and respected for their differences because it may be those subtle differences that determine whether your product is a market success or market failure.

Having a comprehensive understanding of your target market and the buyer in that market is an absolute prerequisite for success. 360 Impact has global market implementation expertise across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and European Union in financial services, healthcare, and professional education industries.


One size does not fit all - (no matter how hard you try). All too often a product or service is developed based on a buyer with a need. Although all buyers might share the same need, they probably have different ‘pain points’ and therefore, need the product to behave differently.

Developing products that can adapt to different workflows and can easily extend features and functionality to address ‘pain points’ is necessary to have a complete offering that can easily move between markets and evolve with your organization's business strategy. At 360 Impact, our expertise has helped organizations develop the products that sustain today’s business and accelerates tomorrow’s growth.

Manage Off-Shore Teams

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At 360 Impact Consulting, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.

Program Management

In today’s 'shared resource' and ‘off shore’ mindset, getting a product developed or a project delivered when the business needs it can be a challenge, a challenge made more complex when resources are scattered across time zones.
The attraction of doing projects in low-priced labor markets are often offset by the misunderstanding of requirements, engaging resources that lack experience and poor vendor selection.
Understanding how different cultures react to projects and management is critical to ensure success. 360 Impact has experts who have successfully navigated the pitfalls of using ‘shared resources’ and ‘off-shore’ virtual teams that can help you manage and execute your projects successfully.
This includes the provision of advice, planning and management of operations, logistics, physical security and personnel.

Due Diligence

Understanding what an asset is worth can be a big challenge, a challenge compounded if that asset is in an emerging market. A comprehensive due diligence is critical. 360 Impact can help you with the due diligence utilizing on the ground assets that understand the local language, customs and business practices. We can provide technological, product and financial due diligence services to ensure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

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